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The Young Learners English – What Is It?

The Cambridge English Language Assessment is the branch of the University of Cambridge that has been providing qualifications and assessments of the English language to various speakers all over the world. The popular IELTS examinations, for example, are a service of this organization. Operating in over one hundred and thirty countries of the world, the Cambridge English Language Assessment has been providing their services for over a century, and today, over five million people take their exams annually. Their examinations prove an entry-point into Standard English communication, and their certificates are ample demonstration of one’s proficiency in the global language.

Whilst you might expect the exams to be aimed at teens and older individuals, in fact, the Cambridge English Language Assessment also provides certifications to younger individuals. Among these qualifications are the Cambridge YLE exam HK and other regions of the world. The YLE stands for Young Learners English (the formal name is actually Cambridge English: Young Learners). Aimed at primary school children and young secondary school students, the certifications provide a basic fluency in the language – up to the A2 level according to the CEFR (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which provides a scale for fluency in European languages; A1 being the lowest level and C2 being the highest level).

The Cambridge Young Learners English exams are divided into three separate levels, namely the Starters, the Movers and the Flyers. The best summer phonics kids HK and other parts of the world denotes the entry-level nature of the certification, providing foundation knowledge that qualifies as pre-A1 level. The Cambridge Movers provides a little more difficulty, placing its students at the A1 level, and finally, the Cambridge Flyers, as the last certification, provides A2 level fluency in English. All three exams are structured in a way that young children gain a basic understanding of the language, with listening, reading and writing sections included. Not to add, the exams are made engaging to young learners through the inclusion of interactive graphics.

Once the child achieves his last certification (the Flyer certification), he or she is eligible to move onto the other school education-based exams provided by the Cambridge English Language Assessment, which provide qualifications in the language from the level A2 and all the way up to the final C2 qualification.

The three exams are no doubt an ideal method to get children and parents motivated by providing them with prestigious certifications from the University of Cambridge – thousands of young students in different parts of the world take the exams annually. If you are also teaching your child English, it would be ideal to have them sit these exams to bolster their confidence and show them their progress in the language.