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Moving Abroad With Children; What Do You Need To Consider Before You Do?

The need to see the world and experience the many wondrous things it has in store for us is something we often dream of. This has especially become popular recently, after people began blogging and uploading pictures and details of their travel and adventures in social media platforms. In fact, it has become so popular, that people are willing to quit jobs in order to pack up and move overseas.

And sometimes, opportunities to do just so can come knocking at your doors at the most unexpected moments.

Unfortunately, the decision to move abroad is not yours alone if you have a family. Neither is it an easy decision to make; especially when you add your children into the equation. To make it easier on you, we’ve put together a few things that you need to consider before moving abroad; and that may help you in making your decision. Read ahead to find what our experts have to say on this topic.

It’s all brand new

And this can be both good and bad. As youngsters, they’ll most probably adjust and adapt to the change in language and culture; much faster than adults. And this will help them meet people on different walks of life; which will help them broaden their view on people. But if your child doesn’t respond to change too well, then being plucked out of everything that’s familiar, and plunged into something so different can become a disaster.

Education; the where, when and how of it

Sometimes, even the country’s (the one you intend to move to) best kindergarten Hong Kong can have lower standards than that which you are used to. Needless to say, this can affect their education rather severely; and also, make things difficult if you decide to move bake home someday. Home schooling isdefinitely an option, but you need to be very committed to it. Make sure the education standards in the country you plan on moving to meets your standards to minimize the issues. 

Cost of tuition and health

Let’s just consider that you got lucky, and you managed to find a really good English nursery for your kid. But what about the costs? Children’s education tends to cost and arm and leg in some countries; make sure the country you plan on moving to isn’t one of those. And if it is, be very sure you’re willing to pay for it. This goes the same in concern to their health. Make sure that their health needs can be met (qualified doctors) and that they are affordable.

Relationship strains

If your children are old enough to have friends, and if they are old enough to make lasting relationships, then the move away from all of that won’t be easy for them. Friendships mean a great deal; especially this early in life. And if your child is very young, it’s possible that as they grow, they’ll never really connect with your parents and siblings. They’ll never understand the bond you share with your cousins as they’ve never experienced this for themselves…