Educate Yourself

Deciding What To Do With Your Life After School

Sadly, most humans work nonstop their whole lives until they retire at which point they are too old to do what they love or to enjoy themselves. Our whole lives are run by the system, the rat race from the time we are four years old when we are enrolled in to kindergarten. In fact, that age is getting less and less today as a result of the race to get kids in to the system as soon as possible coupled with the fact that mothers and fathers are in a rush to get back to work which leaves them with no option but to enroll their young baby in to a school at the youngest age possible. From this age on, we are trained and we go to school for twelve or fourteen years until we leave at which point we are forced in to the job market where we will be trapped for decades because of the responsibility and bills we have to pay. Therefore, it would be a great idea for you to consider taking a gap year.

Using a gap year to learn life skills

If you are taking a gap year in between school and work or university, it would indeed benefit you to study for a diploma early childhood education and care because irrespective of whether you intend to become a parent one day or not, this information will come in use because at some point of your life, you will have to deal with a child whether it is in the capacity of a parent, an aunt, uncle or even a teacher.

In fact, early childhood education courses open up many employment and business opportunities and therefore having a course like this means you will always have something to fall back on if you lose your job or you are in need of extra income.

It is indeed surprising that we go through twelve years of school learning everything from math to the history of the world going back many thousands of years but school fails to teach us basic things like how to do our taxes and how to parent a child. In fact, many people depend on their intuition to be a parent which is all great but it would be very useful for every human in the world to have better knowledge about children, their mentality and their progress as they grow. School teaches us everything else but the important skills we need for life itself.