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Activities A Substitute Can Do During A Relief Session

Imagine you are a relief or a substitute teacher and you are called to a school all of a sudden to take over a whole class for an entire day. Would you be confident enough to take over the class with short notice, would you be prepared to deal with the class in certain ways with such short notice? Most of the time substitute teachers are told prior to the class they would have that they should be having one in order for them to prepare whatever they have to do for the class. Sometimes with short notice such teachers have to compromise on the spot and come up with work or activities the whole class would love. In case you are not prepared for sudden sessions, this guide will tell you about some fun activities you can easily do with a class full of kids! 

Creative challenges

This would be pretty ideal for casual teachers Australia who are doing a class for teenagers or pre-teens instead of very young kids. You can easily come up with a small quiz that you can put on the board and ask everyone to solve. You can also do puzzles or certain creative quizzes that require concentration mostly. An example for such a game would be the “find words inside words” quiz that any teacher can carry out for a class and there is no doubt about the class loving it!

Mind games

These type of games would be more suitable for younger kids than teenagers or pre-teens. A teacher doing a relief primary teaching could come up with art games or even small handmade instant puzzles that you can distribute to an entire class for them to do. You can even create a group in the classroom and ask them “what if” questions where they would have to talk about fun questions like “what if you had a superpower?” Young kids love talking rather than staying put and doing other work so this is the perfect way to win the love of young children.

Mathematical games

These could be used on kids any age as long as you use the right content. You can draw a Sudoku board on the white board and ask students to solve the game as fast as they can and offer a small price. Another thing you can do is try to allocate mathematical questions to each student after separating them in to teams so they could all come together and provide the answer thus improving team work skills along with social skills.