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Month: July 2017

A Guide On How To Easily Become A Professional DJ

Back in the olden days, a DJ or a Disc Jockey was something unheard of and laying your hands on a vinyl disc or record was something that was looked down upon. However now that times have changed, the world has come to a point where people cannot seem to enjoy certain events without the presence of a DJ being there. Have you ever been to a modern party where there was no DJ present? The chance of that happening is low as DJ’s have managed to be the essence of a party or a major event and crowds love being able to move their body to the beat of a good DJ. But how easy is it to become a professional DJ? We know that not everyone who is a DJ can do a brilliant job during an event and some DJ’s are extremely amazing at what they do. Given here is a guide on how to become a professional DJ if that is what you are interested in!

Get the basics

The first thing you must try and do is get DJ lessons from someone better in order for you to understand the basics. Without the knowledge of the basics within you, you cannot become a master at what you want to do, and in this is case it is to become a talented DJ. As DJing involves a lot of technology you must try to gather knowledge about what each of these things do so you can then execute your knowledge later on. Link here can offer a great DJ for your event.

Software packages

No matter how you learn DJing, through a friend or through a good DJ school online, you have to understand the importance of a good mixing software package. These packages have the ability to read different music formats and can even select different songs or music through a program interface. It is something of high value to a good DJ. Some other options they have are karaoke; the ability to provide live looping; real time control and even delays and reverberations as well.

Be economical

Make sure that as you are a beginner to the world of DJing, you do not spend a lot of money on buying various DJ equipment that are of extremely high quality. The first things you should spend your money should be turntables and a good mixer as they are what a beginner needs. The other high tech equipment can come in to play once you get a hold of being a proper DJ and learn everything you need to know.

How To Get Rid Of A Lisp?


Lisping will not create more problems in your life. But, you must get rid of a lisp as others are habituated to tease lispers.
Things to be known – In case of a frontal lisp, the person will put his tongue in the front against his teeth when he will say ‘S’ or ‘Z’ sound. This will create a ‘TH’ sound instead. This is a common problem. If there is a gap between his front teeth, then the person will push his or tongue through this small gap. You can stand in front of the mirror and say the ‘S’ or ‘Z’ sound. If you see that you can make the ‘S’ sound properly, then you must not take that problem seriously. If you find the problem is serious, then you should go for speech therapy

Position of Mirror – Keep the mirror in a well-lit area of your room, so that it’s easy to see your mouth while speaking. Just smile in front of the mirror to show your teeth. You can pull your tongue slightly backwards while smiling and it will help you to pronounce ‘s’ in a proper way. This is a very easy process and you must try it in your home. 

Know what to do while smiling – A person who generally suffers lisping must keep the teeth together while smiling. However, the lips must stay apart from each other. Keep in mind not to clench your teeth together forcefully as it will not look good. If you cannot do it, then consider speech pathology Brisbane. An experienced pathologist can help you a lot. 

Position of tongue – You must move your tongue, so the tongue’s tip remains behind your teeth, even high reaching your mouth’s roof. Keep in mind that you must not press your tongue near your teeth. Additionally, you should keep your tongue in a relaxed way and don’t press it hard.
Let air pass through your mouth. You cannot hear the ‘S’ sound if your tongue remains too much in the front of your mouth. Just try to pull your tongue backwards and smile forward. Don’t frustrate if you cannot try.
Another exercise – Have patience and try the next exercise. Try to say ‘EET’ and at the same time give proper attention to your tongue’s shape. Part your lips a little bit. Then, the person must slightly press his or her tongue’s sides against his upper back molars.  After that, try to say ‘EET’ after smiling and you must keep your tongue’s back in this position only. Your tongue’s tip will rise above to create the ‘T’ sound. If you can properly say ‘EET’, then you will easily pronounce the words ‘meet’ and ‘sleet’ in which ‘EET’ is present.