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Month: March 2017

Ways To Motivate Your Students

No matter what their age is; kindergarten or college students, it is very hard to keep them motivated. The attention of a human is naturally limited to 45 minutes so you really can’t expect them to be attentive to a four hour lecture. This attention span is even less in younger students so it is important that you make the lessons interesting and fun so that they would eagerly pay attention and also motivate them. So here are some of the things you could do to motivate them.

1. Make a positive impression

As a teacher, you need to make them feel that you are worth listening to. Since kindergarten, they have come across so many teachers who have been pushing them to study, think and work hard so every time a new teacher walks in, they are reluctant to accept you as their mentor. So you need to impress them. Talk to them openly while showcasing your passion in what you teach. You need to be energetic if you expect your students to actively respond today.

2. Give assignments

Do not give them the usual essays to write for assignments. Use some interesting activities such as quiz competitions, crossword puzzles, role plays, debates etc. so that they could showcase their various talents too. Let them think out of the box, rather than sticking to the same thinking pattern. Do the unexpected. For example, they would obviously expect the IB math tutorial class to be no fun and games. However, you could use the above fun activities to make it interesting.

3. Take their opinions into account

Students like when they are being heard of. So always get them to participate in the lesson by having active discussions so that it does not become a boring lecture with only one way communication. Ask questions, talk about open topics where they could give out their ideas. Give random problems and observe how they come up with creative solutions. Of course if you are doing a IB math tutorial, you cannot talk about much, however randomly take up a current topic and ask your students’ opinions on it.

4. Make yourself approachable

Students love a teacher who is always ready to help them out. It motivates them to learn more, and also do additional reading on the subject. Always give them extra information so that they would take some time off to do some research. It will also show them that you are updated and would want to learn more about it too.

Activities A Substitute Can Do During A Relief Session

Imagine you are a relief or a substitute teacher and you are called to a school all of a sudden to take over a whole class for an entire day. Would you be confident enough to take over the class with short notice, would you be prepared to deal with the class in certain ways with such short notice? Most of the time substitute teachers are told prior to the class they would have that they should be having one in order for them to prepare whatever they have to do for the class. Sometimes with short notice such teachers have to compromise on the spot and come up with work or activities the whole class would love. In case you are not prepared for sudden sessions, this guide will tell you about some fun activities you can easily do with a class full of kids! 

Creative challenges

This would be pretty ideal for casual teachers Australia who are doing a class for teenagers or pre-teens instead of very young kids. You can easily come up with a small quiz that you can put on the board and ask everyone to solve. You can also do puzzles or certain creative quizzes that require concentration mostly. An example for such a game would be the “find words inside words” quiz that any teacher can carry out for a class and there is no doubt about the class loving it!

Mind games

These type of games would be more suitable for younger kids than teenagers or pre-teens. A teacher doing a relief primary teaching could come up with art games or even small handmade instant puzzles that you can distribute to an entire class for them to do. You can even create a group in the classroom and ask them “what if” questions where they would have to talk about fun questions like “what if you had a superpower?” Young kids love talking rather than staying put and doing other work so this is the perfect way to win the love of young children.

Mathematical games

These could be used on kids any age as long as you use the right content. You can draw a Sudoku board on the white board and ask students to solve the game as fast as they can and offer a small price. Another thing you can do is try to allocate mathematical questions to each student after separating them in to teams so they could all come together and provide the answer thus improving team work skills along with social skills.

Boost Your Career With The Best Short Term Training Program

You can enhance your career in the fashion industry when you choose specialized courses offered by reputed institutions. The best thing about these training programs is that they do not require you to spend too much time and you can easily master the various aspects of the fashion industry within a short period of time. To begin with, you need to choose the appropriate course, depending on your background in the fashion industry. Once you join the training program, you will be able to access the best training material prepared by industry experts.

They will also guide you with improving your skills in the relevant field and you can upgrade your resume with the new skills. In this manner, you will have better chances of getting a hike in your existing job and improve your chances of getting a promotion in your company. Many working professionals choose these short term courses to give a boost to their career with fashion design Sydney. You will also be glad to know that these courses are affordable and you can easily join them when you get in touch with reputed fashion institutes in your region.

A simple way to learn the best techniques in dress designing

  • You can choose the leading fashion design courses offered by the best institutes, and get access to the best training programs.
  • These courses are designed by industry experts keeping in mind the latest trends in the industry and you can easily get to understand the fashion trends without any hassles.
  • When you have the guidance of professionals, you can shape your ideas in a better way and learn the best sewing techniques followed by the leading garment manufacturers.
  • This will give you a fair idea about the best designs trending in the market and you can follow similar fashion when you move out of college.
  • It is also a good platform to interact with other fashion enthusiasts as much of them join the short term courses to enhance their skills in relevant industries.In this way, you will also have good company of like minded people when you choose the best courses in the fashion industry.

    All you need to do in this regard is to join the fashion college Sydney and get trained by professionals who have many years of experience in the industry. In this way, you can groom your skills under their expert supervision and this will make you a better designer in the future. Apart from that, you can also learn special techniques about pattern designing and garment construction that is only taught in reputed institutions. All these factors will positively impact your career growth in the future.


The Importance Of Training Employees

When employees are trained they will have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out the work effectively and efficiently. The training of employees should be carried out in every single industry. Training will benefit everybody: the employees will learn new skills and have more opportunities, the business will benefit from the increase in productivity from employees, the customers will get a better service and the managers will find it easier to manage the employees.

Employees will do their jobs better

A trained employee will do his job better than an untrained employee. People who serve alcoholic beverages should get a responsible service of alcohol certificate Perth. This will reduce the problem of alcohol abuse. They will learn how to handle intoxicated customers because they will be able to identify patterns that show that the customer is intoxicated and they will know what action needs to be taken.

RSA courses are very quick and people who serve alcoholic beverages have to take them otherwise they will be breaking the law. The people taking these courses will learn how much liquor needs to be put in a standard drink.

The morale and motivation of employees will increase

When employees are trained well there confidence and motivation will increase. They will know that they have sufficient knowledge and skills to carry out the job. They will want to do more work and perform better because they will not be scared. This means that managers can give them more responsibility and work can be done faster. Managers can focus on very important tasks and let the trained employees handle the less important tasks by themselves. Trained employees will make life easier for the manager and the manager will be more efficient as well.

The employee turnover will reduce

Employees will be happier when they are trained so it is less likely that they will leave their jobs. They will feel happy that the company is investing in them and depending on them to improve the company’s performance. Reduced employee turnover will reduce the costs for the company because they will not have to spend money on hiring new workers. New workers can increase the costs for a company if they do not adapt to the company’s corporate culture fast enough. Employees who stay in the company for a long time will have a better chance of being promoted. They may one day become managers and hold top positions in the company. Companies will continuously train their workers so that their employees are always improving.

Deciding What To Do With Your Life After School

Sadly, most humans work nonstop their whole lives until they retire at which point they are too old to do what they love or to enjoy themselves. Our whole lives are run by the system, the rat race from the time we are four years old when we are enrolled in to kindergarten. In fact, that age is getting less and less today as a result of the race to get kids in to the system as soon as possible coupled with the fact that mothers and fathers are in a rush to get back to work which leaves them with no option but to enroll their young baby in to a school at the youngest age possible. From this age on, we are trained and we go to school for twelve or fourteen years until we leave at which point we are forced in to the job market where we will be trapped for decades because of the responsibility and bills we have to pay. Therefore, it would be a great idea for you to consider taking a gap year.

Using a gap year to learn life skills

If you are taking a gap year in between school and work or university, it would indeed benefit you to study for a diploma early childhood education and care because irrespective of whether you intend to become a parent one day or not, this information will come in use because at some point of your life, you will have to deal with a child whether it is in the capacity of a parent, an aunt, uncle or even a teacher.

In fact, early childhood education courses open up many employment and business opportunities and therefore having a course like this means you will always have something to fall back on if you lose your job or you are in need of extra income.

It is indeed surprising that we go through twelve years of school learning everything from math to the history of the world going back many thousands of years but school fails to teach us basic things like how to do our taxes and how to parent a child. In fact, many people depend on their intuition to be a parent which is all great but it would be very useful for every human in the world to have better knowledge about children, their mentality and their progress as they grow. School teaches us everything else but the important skills we need for life itself.

Driving In Australia Being An International Student


Yes, you can drive in Australia even being an international student. You can drive whenever you want. Even when you are partying late at night, you don’t have to worry. You can drive your car and reach your home. But, you have to keep certain things in mind to drive stress free and in the safest way.

License is a must – An international student ought to have a valid driver’s license to drive in Australia. You have to carry your driving license every time while driving in Australia. The truth is that international students are considered as temporary residents, which means that you can drive in this country by using your native country’s valid and current license. When your license is not written in English, you have to carry the certified translation in the English language. Additionally, from your native country, you can apply for an International Driving Permit. Some of the drivers apply for a license in Australia when they do not have an overseas license. In this case, a reputed driving school comes to your rescue. Choose a school that will train you and help you get your licence faster. Keep in mind that when an individual would get permanent residency in this country, he should apply to get an Australian license in less than 3 months.
Know the road rules – You have to know the road rules of Australia before driving the car in the country. The road rules are different in each territory or state. So, learn the road rules while attending driving lessons Werribee and the places that you want to go by driving your car. You have to drive the car in limited speed and you have to wear a seat belt and so on. In Australia, it is a crime to drive a car after taking illicit drugs or if the content of alcohol in your blood is above 0.05. Sometimes, if anybody does an offence, he doesn’t have to pay the fine. But, if the case is serious, then the person’s license would be cancelled or the individual can be in jail for criminal charges.
Price of buying a car – Generally, the cost of buying a car can be more in Australia. A new car is not needed if you are staying in a metropolitan area. Not only you have to pay the car’s price, but you have to pay for the car’s registration as well as insurance, repairs, servicing, petrol and so on. It is a fact that the international students are not given any financial loan and the students will need sufficient funds to purchase the car completely.